Web Development


Web Development

The internet is changing with every minute. You should keep in your deck a team of developers that is proficient in a number of technologies that are used online. You should trust a team that offers you maximum return. Developers at our company can build websites in a variety of languages like PHP, ASP.NET and Ruby on Rails. They can also launch complex systems like eCommerce portals, online order systems, CRM’s and many other important web applications.

We use numerous technologies to build your website. At Dorgersoft we make sure that we write systematic code. Our HTML is concise, and we follow the best practices. Our developers are very thorough at testing your code. We can use technologies like MVC. Developers at Dorgersoft can tell you the right marketing tactics to improve your website. They are the development experts and they know what will improve your product.

We also offer some packages that can help you in improving your business. For instance we offer social media promotions. Another service we offer is web content management. We provide exceptional hosting. If you want to update your website constantly, then we can start website maintenance for you. There are various services that are finalized in a web development project. When you work with us we will provide a complete solution for your web business development.

If you are in need of an expertly developed website then you should contact us. We offer the best web solutions.

Web development requires converting your company’s information requirements into a web solution.

We can perform this task and provide the most up to date package. Our team of developers provides expertly informed solutions. We can work on different domains like designing your business solution or providing transaction processing. Our turnkey systems are exceptional.

Web technologies that we use

  • PHP
  • ASP.Net (MVC)
  • C#.Net
  • VB
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL – an open-source, cross-platform, Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
  • Microsoft SQL Server – a Windows RDBMS
  • SQLite – a self-contained, serverless RDBMS often used for testing purposes

We typically deploy our projects to AWS (Amazon Web Services).

  • EC2 – scalable virtual computers
  • S3 – a storage web service generally used for serving static content such as images
  • RDS – distributed relational databases, i.e. AWS hosted versions of MySQL, SQL Server etc.
  • SNS – Simple Notification Service for sending mobile push messages
  • SES – Simple Email Service
  • SQS – Simple Queue Service for queuing messages between services
  • ECS – EC2 Container Service to manage Docker-enabled applications across EC2 instances
  • ElastiCache – scalable, fast, in-memory cache based on Memcached/Redis
Apps Designing

Mobile apps are very popular in the market. The design of mobile apps is essential when it comes to catching the user’s attention. Our expert designers have a specialized experience of working in app development.


If you’re looking to market your business or products ONLINE, or you have already but not getting the results, Dorger Software Architects, Inc. knows the rules of the game. Your business can reach maximum potential customers within a few months.

Dorger Software Architects, Inc. not only understood what we wanted, they offered suggestions that helped to make our filing system one of the best in the country.

Thomas H. Riley, III
Business Services Division, Mississippi Secretary of State's Office

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